Full Time

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At Beachside Rentals, Inc., we pride ourselves on our ability to help both property owners and tenants with equal success. We’ve found throughout our many years of experience in the real estate industry that by helping both types of clients at the same time, we can create a situation that is mutually beneficial for everyone involved.  [beautiful tropical beach] We can present the highest quality properties to tenants because we’ve already teamed with the best homeowners in the area. We can also provide place tenants who are ideally suited for each home because we’ve already conducted a thorough interview process ahead of time. Everybody can have the positive real estate experience that we know is out there.

Full Time Rentals Services:
  • Credit check and background check on all potential tenants
  • Require that tenants have an excellent credit score
  • Check all personal and professional references provided
  • Advertise online, flyers, and signs at the property
  • Require 1 ½ month rent for security deposit
  • Collect deposits and rent
  • Monthly statements to owners
  • Before tenant move-in inspect property and take pictures
  • After tenant move-out inspect property and take pictures
  • Licensed and experienced vendors for repairs and maintenance
  • 24 hour emergency call number
  • Immediate response to problems, complaints, and damages